Open cases
Number Case group Division Receipt Status

Closed cases
Number Case group Receipt Disposed by
Division Disposition
1A.1/2019-H Rescission of the Pirate Assembly 9.9.2019 Verfahrenseinstellung
I. Division 23.9.2019
1A.1/2018 Antragsrecht 7.5.2018 Rückzug
I. Division 4.11.2018
1E.1/2017 Disciplinary measures 10.9.2017 Urteil
I. Division 18.7.2018
1E.1/2016 Disciplinary measures 20.8.2016 Decision of abeyance
I. Division 28.6.2017
SR.3.2 Right to vote 30.9.2014 Decision of abeyance
I. Division 28.6.2017
AE.2.2 Deposition 11.7.2013 Publikationsantrag
I. Division 7.1.2015
PM.3.1 Provisional measures, harm to personality, violation of privacy, disruption of property 6.2.2014 Withdrawal
I. Division 12.2.2014
AE.2.3 Deposition 20.7.2013 Withdrawal
I. Division 22.11.2013
PV.2.4 Harm to personality 11.9.2013 Withdrawal
I. Division 20.9.2013
SR.2.1 Right to vote 10.1.2013 Withdrawal
I. Division 17.1.2013
SR.1.1 Right to vote 10.4.2012 Judgement
I. Division 20.9.2012